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In the final week of the Victorian election, Dan Andrews is engaging in desperate accusations labeling opponents Nazis. Anti-grooming activists have been accused of inciting a massing shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. That plus the latest fun on Twitter on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Dan Andrews in his desperation to win a third term as Premier has accused the Liberals of preferencing racists, Nazis, anti-semites and conspiracy theorists. Even Dvir Abramovich Chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission said Dan’s accusations against the Liberal Party were baseless. One anti-semite has been found running in the election: Tyler Baker-Pearce as an Independent in Narre Warren South has tweeted about so-called Jewish power.

60 Minutes and The Age published a Nick McKenzie-led investigation into the City Builders Church in Sale where the head pastor Brian Heath is the father of Upper House Eastern Victoria region Liberal lead candidate Renee Health. The Church was accused of practicing gay conversion therapy which Renee has denied she supports.

The Age also published a recording of the Liberal candidate for Narre Warren North 26-year-old Timothy Dragon where he stated he was against abortion and the Aboriginal voice to Parliament. The VEC has deemed the election for the seat of Narracan failed after the death of Nationals candidate Shaun Gilchrist who was facing rape charges, so a supplementary election will have to be held.

Catherine Cumming MLC who is standing for reelection with the Angry Victorians Party was investigated by Victoria Police for saying in her speech at Melbourne’s Worldwide Rally 10 on Saturday she wanted Dan Andrews turned in red pink mist, a military analogy when snipers hit their target and blood spills from a distance. Angry Victorians were founded by two ADF veterans Chris Burson and Heston Russell who Cummins said blew up Glenn Druery’s Upper House group voting ticket preferencing operation.

The Labor candidate in the Inner city seat of Richmond Lauren O’Dwyer has been exposed as a fake Aboriginal. O’Dwyer has promoted herself as a “proud Yorta Yorta woman” based on the Indigenous heritage of her great-grandfather, Graham Berry. Though Mr. Berry’s daughter, Joan Keele, has said her father was not Aboriginal and never identified as Indigenous.

There has been another mass shooting in the US, this time at a gay nightclub Club Q in Colorado Springs, 5 were murdered and 18 were injured. The suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich was already known to authorities after a 2021 arrest. Leftists have blamed anti-grooming activists Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok for inciting violence against LGBT people.

Elon Musk has unbanned on Twitter the Babylon Bee, Jordan Peterson, Project Veritas, and Donald Trump. Trump has not tweeted yet as he has an exclusivity deal with Truth Social. Musk rehired Ligma and Johnson who he publicly gloated about firing. Rahul Ligma was fired for a second time after FTX went bankrupt. FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried has not been charged. Another fraudster Elizabeth Holmes also pumped up by the business media was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Lisa Wilkinson announced she was stepping down as co-host of the Project claiming she was the victim of “relentless targeted toxicity by some sections of the media”.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun in Qatar which has been criticized for its treatment of migrant workers and homosexuals. FIFA President Swiss-Italian Gianni Infantino made a bizarre speech defending Qatar. Beer is not going to be served in World Cup stadiums. Western football team captains will not wear the rainbow One Love armbands after they were threatened with yellow cards.

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