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There was no Red Wave in the US mid-terms with minimal Republican gains and the political blood-letting beginning. In Victoria Dan Andrews’ Labor Red Army is bleeding more support in the latest polls as voting begins. The latest election news on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Early voting has commenced in the Victorian state election which culminates with Election Day on November 26th. Group Voting Tickets in the Upper House have been published where if you vote 1 above the line for a party in your Upper House region the party decides your preferences, not you the voter.

Both major parties had their campaign launch yesterday. Dan Andrews Frequent Liar cards were handed out at the Liberal Party launch. There are two exposes on Dan’s Government this week with Liz Hayes’ Under Investigation on Sluggate about when Victorian CHO Brett Sutton shut down iCookFoods on dodgy evidence in 2019. Then on Wednesday Peta Credlin premieres her Cult of Daniel Andrews documentary on Sky News

Dan Andrews was heckled at a Synagogue about his scapegoating of Jews for the spread of covid last year. Menachem Vorchheimer who published the video said witnesses told him Dan’s private security removed the heckler. As part of his pre-election bribes, Dan is promising free tampons in public places for women and girls. Dan usually refers to women as that person.

At the federal level, Health Department Secretary Professor Brendan Murphy couldn’t give a straight answer to Liberal Senator Alex Antic question if men get can pregnant. Anthony Albanese is at summit season and has announced he will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A week after the US midterm elections votes are still being counted. The Senate is projected to be retained by the Democrats, the House is too close to call. MAGA Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona Kari Lake is still behind. Given Governor Ron DeSantis’ 19-point re-election landside in Florida some Republicans are already backing him to the 2024 Presidential nominee over the return of Donald Trump.

The Democrats strong performance including John Fetterman winning the Senate race in Pennsylvania has inspired President Biden to say he plans on running for a second term. The CCP owned Tik Tok social media platform played a part in promoting degeneracy and left-wing policies to Millenials and Zoomers in this election

The collapse of crypto exchange FTX founded by Sam Bankman-Fried with token holders losing $8 billion has put into the spotlight Bankman-Fried’s $40 million donation to the Democrats in the mid-terms with many questions if the Biden Administration will properly prosecute him for basically operating a Ponzi scheme. Bankman-Fried lives with 10 co-workers in the Bahamas. Joe Biden instead was asked by a journalist if he will investigate new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

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