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The US is on the cusp of a Red Republican Wave in the mid-term elections. Another famous black American has been canceled accused of anti-Semitism. Elon Musk launches Twitter Blue verification membership. Those developments and the latest in the Victorian state election on Tim’s News Explosion.

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With the prospect of Dan Andrews being Premier of Victoria for another four years, there is renewed scrutiny on his government’s corruption, abuses of power, coverups, and lies. Last week Ryan Meuleman who Catherine Andrews’ car collided with when he was a 15 year old cyclist in 2013 claimed the Andrews car was traveling at speed. A witness Jane Crittenden said the Andrews did not render assistance. Now it has been revealed that Dan’s stairfall in March 2021 where he broke his back and nearly died involved just two steps. Dan is also fending off questions about a 4th IBAC probe over two grants worth 3.4 million given to the Health Workers Union on the eve of the 2018 state election.

Early voting in the Victorian state election commences next Monday with Election Day on November 26. All the candidates running for the 88 lower house seats and 40 upper house seats will be known by week’s end. Former right Labor powerbroker Adem Someyrek will run for the DLP in the Northern Metro region and Catherine Cummings will re-contest the Western Metro regions with the Angry Victorians Party.

The US Midterm elections will be held this Tuesday 8th November. Results will start coming in on Wednesday daytime Australian time. President Joe Biden has claimed that democracy is on the ballot ie that if you don’t vote Democrat you are against democracy. Donald Trump appeared to take swipe at his main rival for the 2024 Republican Presidential nominee Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling him Ron DeSanctimonious.

Basketballer Kyrie Irving of Brooklyn Jests has been suspended and dropped as a spokesman by Nike for sharing on his Instagram a link to the Hebrews to Negroes documentary about the Black Hebrew Israelites. The ADL rejected Irving’s $500,000 pledge because in his apology he claimed he couldn’t be anti-Semitic because he knows where he came from.

Former child musician Aaron Carter was found dead in his bathtub at the age of 34. His final tweet before he died was an attempt to reach out to rapper Ye (formerly known as Kayne West) for a man-to-man talk. Given Ye is now exposing powerful Jews in the music industry could Carter have wanted to discuss his former manager Lou Pearlman who financially and sexually exploited boy bands? Or did Carter have a story about personal trainer Harley Pasternak who threatened to institutionalize Ye?

Twitter owner Elon Musk has laid off 50% of his staff and it would appear nothing of value has been lost. Twitter is losing $4 million USD per day. Musk’s rollout of the Twitter Blue verification membership for $8USD a month has upset celebrities who think that a blue verification checkmark should only be for them. Musk suspended Kathy Griffin and Ethan Klein for pretending to him without disclosing they were supposed to be parodies.

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