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Australian Labor’s first Budget payoffs of its upper-middle-class voters and union mates. In the Victorian campaign there is a tiff between Dan and the local unions. Across the Tasman Jacinda is turning back time to the 80s returning power to unions to make industry-wide contracts. Join Tim Wilms and the returning Stephen Berry for Trad Tasman Talk.

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Australian Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers delivered the Albanese Labor Government’s first budget. He announced increased childcare subsidies which in the long term won’t stop spirling childcare costs or limited supply. No budget surpluses are projected in the forward estimates. Despite pre-election Labor promising to cut power bills by $275 energy prices are predicted to increase by 50% in 2023. The day after the budget Australia’s inflation rate was revealed to be 7.3% for the September quarter.

Polling for the Victorian state election on November 26 predicts that Dan Andrews and Labor will comfortably win though the primary vote for the major parties is down. The CFMEU asks its members to vote for Dan even though he’s a prick because he is promising another construction boom. The UFU is campaigning against Dan plastering its fire trucks with anti-Dan messaging. Peter Dutton will not be campaigning for the Liberals in Victoria, some candidates have even removed the Liberal name from their campaign material.

A group called Restore Passenger Rail has shut down Wellington motorways multiple times over the last fortnight by climbing over-road gantries to put up banners as well as physically blocking the on-ramps by gluing themselves to the road. Their attempt to zoom into a select committee hearing submissions on infrastructure proposals was denied by MPs since they were in the act of breaking the law.

The Ardern Government has passed the Fair Pay Agreements which returns NZ to industry-wide employment contract negotiations of the 1980s. National and Labour are yet to announce candidates for the Hamilton East by-election on December 10. The seat is being recontested by former Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma, the only other declared candidate is Naomi Pocock of the Opportunities Party.

The man accused of raping former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins Bruce Lehrmann will face a retrial in February 2023 after the jury was discharged due to one juror doing their own research. The jury had been deliberating for nearly a week already.

Members of the Socceroos released a video lobbying for Qatar to better protect migrant workers and properly compensate families of workers who died and decriminalize homosexuality. This activism by Australian footballers follows the Australian Netball Diamonds rejecting Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting sponsorship offer of $15 million in part because of racist comments by late her father Lang Hancock about Aboriginals in 1984.

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