Rain Destroys Crops. Natural or Intentional?

Australia’s food bowl has been hit hard with flooding recently, this has destroyed five billion dollars worth of crops which will lead to food shortages and higher prices for groceries this summer. The amount of rain we have been getting is quite unusual. Northern Victoria and southern NSW has been hit hardest while sadly the northern rivers area has been hit with flooding YET AGAIN!

Channel 7 News report from Melbourne Australia about the recent floods destroying farms crops. Is the excessive rain apart of the communist program to destroy independent farming or is it just nature?

These rains have hit farmers hard while they are already struggling with government abuse. Our communist government is trying to stop global warming(they say) and are putting controls, laws, limits and restrictions and even the GREEN POLICE onto them in order to stop cows from farting etc. This is leading to farmers going bankrupt. So this communist program to destroy independent farming is already making things hard enough but ad in the mix major floods and thats a lot of problems to deal with for farming.

I recently spoke with farmers explaining the communist attack on their small businesses, it’s absolute fact, the gov is shutting down farming, but the big question is are they doing it to stop global warming? Or is that just the excuse they are using to take over a once-free industry? Are the commies using the climate as an excuse to reign in communism? To kick out capitalistic free-market farming? I think so. It really does appear to be a conspiracy but what’s even more interesting is are they also making it rain excessively to hit the farmers even more?

I spoke with a man who used to perform cloud seeding for the government in the 80s. It was for the Melbourne area. He would go up in a plane and spray iodine at a time when the conditions were just right and this would make rain fall over the catchment areas. It helped fill up our dams. He was getting paid to do it. This man wasn’t lying to me. Cloud seeding is a technology that exists. He also wasn’t a stranger I was friends with him so I knew he wasn’t lying to me or making a joke. There is also an episode of Skippy from the 60s where they make it rain by spraying iodine in the sky, so this technology has been around for ages and it’s probably been improved heaps. So knowing the gov has this technology to make it rain let’s take things further and connect the dots. Are they willing to cloud seed and make it rain far too much in order to destroy independent farming just while they are getting their crops ready?

Click here to see Wikipedia’s article on cloud seeding.

What has definitely made the repeated Australian floods of 2022 more devastating to farmers are government’s refusal to build dams as in years passed they claim there is no point in building new dams because climate change means less rainfall. Of course when it rains they claim that is also climate change. When the next drought occurs as there is less water in existing dams since they didn’t build new ones they will claim that the empty dams and dry weather are due to climate change.

The Perrottet Government is buying back homes in the Northern NSW town of Lismore because of flooding in March this year on the justification that it is built on a flood plain. Dom Perrottet has said that he wants Lismore to ‘build back better’ a slogan of the globalist World Economic Forum. Dom’s father John Perrottet works for another globalist institution the World Bank. The town of Lismore just happens to be on the route of the government-dreamed high-speed rail from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Lots of things to think about as the rainfall and flood warnings continue.

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