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As cancel culture pursues Kayne West, Alex Jones, and JK Rowling it is the climate activist vandals who should be canceled as the Victorian floods are of course blamed on climate change. I untwist the latest planned chaos on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Flash flooding has devastated the regional Victorian towns of Echuca and Shepparton and Melbourne’s Inner West around the Maribyrnong river. This natural disaster has seen the return of Dan Andrews daily press conferences. The Greens are blaming climate change for the floods and some freedom activists are claiming the floods are due to government weather manipulation through cloud seeding. What can be proven is that if the state Labor Government had built a Maribyrnong dam in the 2000s it would have saved hundreds of homes. The Flemington Racecourse flood wall also approved by the Labor Government has also been blamed for the flooding of homes around the area.

A globalist coup is underway in the UK with Prime Minister Liz Truss sacking her friend and ally Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor following volatility in British markets triggered by their mini-budgets and replacing him with pro-CCP lockdown enthusiast and EU remainer Jeremy Hunt. On the streets of the UK climate and vegan activist brats have poured tomato soup over Van Gogh Sunflowers, sprayed paint on an Aston Martin showroom, and poured milk all over the floor in a supermarket. This type of destructive activism is occurring in Australia with two activists gluing themselves to a Picasso painting in Melbourne and Sydney Harbour Bridge blocker Mali Cooper having her charges dropped due to her suffering ‘climate anxiety’.

In cancel culture news Harry Potter author JK Rowling has not been deterred from her biological women’s rights activism calling Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a destroyer of women’s rights for proposing a trans-self-ID law. Alex Jones has had another defamation ruling against him for his Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories with him now being ordered to pay the Sandy Hook families a total of $1 billion in damages. Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro will not fire Candace Owens for her friendship with Kanye West though called his suspended tweet threatening to expose Jewish power anti-Semitic. Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission is trying to have Ye’s music pulled from Spotify and Apple Music.

The January 6 House Committee has subpoenaed former President Trump to provide evidence, but he will refuse leading to another FBI raid. New footage from January 6 shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hoping Trump arrives at the Capitol so she can punch him out.

Trans woodshop teacher Kayla Lemieux who has giant fake breasts is still teaching at Oakville Trafalgar High School. Rebel News Reporter David ‘The Menziod’ Menzies dressed in disguise as transgender Mammary Menzoid to present a Protect the Students petition signed by 16,000 to the Halton District School Board.

Dutch MEP Rob Roos had Pfizer Director Janine Small admit they never tested their MRNA covid vaccines on preventing transmission of the virus. Democrat Congresswoman Angie Craig said during an election debate she would never stop standing up for big pharma and against her constituents.

An Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak of the Sudanese strain in Uganda has seen two regions put under lockdown and curfew. Luckily a vaccine trial will start on close contacts of Ebola cases in the coming weeks.

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HDSB trustees run away from ‘Mammary Menzoid’ who attempts to drop off a petition regarding ‘Busty Lemieux’ – Rebel News
Vaccine trials on Sudan Ebola strain to start in weeks – WHO chief – Reuters

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