The socialist world government is sending climate police out to destroy farming. With the excuse of climate change they are shutting an industry down, they are bankrupting farmers and forcing them to use practices that don’t work. The same technique was used in Communist China in the 60s which lead to many deaths. Climate change-obsessed bureaucrats are changing the way farmers operate and it’s not for the better, it’s wrecking them. In China it lead to millions dying from starvation, will the same happen to the west?

The above video is a mainstream media news report about what the socialists are doing right now to farming and what they plan to do in the future.

When will we learn from our mistakes? Literally in China the government came in and forced farmers to change how they farmed, they said the changes were for the better, were more modern, but that was not true, they ruined farmers output, then China starved, well the exact same is happening today except they are using the excuse that the changes need to be made to stop global warming, it’s an absolute scam. The world isn’t getting hotter and these forced changes would not stop it from getting hot anyway. Back in the 1960s Chinese farmers told the government that the changes to farming were not working yet the government continued with their program, why? Because they were intentionally depopulating China, they knew exactly what they were doing, they knew the changes would really wreck farming. They blamed the food famines on a draught and farm management mistakes but this is a complete lie, they knew all along that the changes were not working, YET THEY WENT AHEAD WITH THEM ANYWAY!

The same is happening here, I’m sure Australian politicians and government workers know these changes are no good, but they are not stopping their evil communist program. I attended a freedom protest by farmers who are sick of the UN, the NWO and our socialist government telling them what to do. They are in dire straits, they can see the future of farming and it doesn’t look good. Listen to their stories below, THE DAMN COMMIES ARE RUINING OUR FARMING INDUSTRY!

I speak with farmers about how the government is destroying the industry and trying to make us starve.

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