WF Ep. 168 Britain’s Future with Jolene Bunting

On the return of WilmsFront my guest is Northern Irish Unionist Jolene Bunting. We will be discussing Britain’s uncertain future with the nation’s traditions, borders, and free speech under sustained attack.

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Show Description

In 2018 Jolene was suspended from her democratically elected seat on the Belfast City Council for speaking against mass migration and Islamism for which 4 years she hasn’t had her appeal heard. She was a supporter of Britain First when it was active. Jolene is now facing imprisonment as a result of an injection put on her by HIV-positive drag queen storytime reader Matthew Cavan aka Cherrie Ontop whom she had protested against as part of Parents Against Grooming.

Jolene is a Unionist/Loyalist because she believes the Irish are better off being part of the United Kingdom. She believes the Irish Republican Party Sinn Fien should be nowhere near any government due to their affiliation with the provisional IRA whose terrorism has murdered family members. Republican parties such as Sinn Fein and the Scottish National Party support the European Union, mass migration, and anti-family anti-free speech laws.

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