Nigel Farage Visits Melbourne

On Monday night Nigel Farage spoke in Melbourne at Jeff’s Shed. He mentioned the Monarchy, the Commonwealth and how it’s important to protect them along with free speech. He believes that the Commonwealth can unite the west against Communist China.

I quiz numerous people at the Nigel Farage event in Melbourne and got some footage of Farage’s talk. Leftism, mental illness, green energy, electric cars and Dan Andrews is discussed.

Nigel promoted the social media platform Gettr and GB News where he hosts a weeknight show as a way to fight against the leftist censorship of free speech, he praised Sky News. A few lefties were kicked out for holding up an offensive banner that said ‘Fuck Off Farage’ which is strange since lefties seem to be so concerned about offensive speech on social media and in life in general. Leftist protest numbers were extremely down compared with Nigel’s visit to Melbourne four years ago where they chanted with bull horns and abused guests trying to get into the venue. Overall attendance was smaller than last time. The first twenty minutes of his talk can be watched here.

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