Geelong Wins Grand Final While Leftists Hijack Half Time Performance

The 2022 AFL Grand Final was a continual pump of leftist propaganda from start to end. Aboriginals, muslims and lesbians were featured in key roles throughout the day. 

Geelong won by 81 points against Sydney at the MCG. Sydney’s performance was poor with continual mistakes from the beginning. As the game went on Geelong continued to expand it’s lead. Robbie Williams and Delta Goodrem performed before the game and not during half time which was strange. Usually famous musicians are featured during the half time performance but this year the AFL chose to not have Robbie Williams perform and instead have a group of Aboriginals sing a famous 80s song about Aboriginal rights and have a band of lesbians play the Jet song ‘are you gonna be my girl’. I’m sure this song has particular meaning to the band members. Retired muslim player Bachar Houli carried the Cup onto the ground at the start of the game yet he had nothing to do with either of the sides playing. Another group of Aboriginals and ethnics sang a song before the game too. Many of the big commercials featured on TV contained ethnics and girls in typically white male roles. Corporations have sent a clear message ‘we are there to brainwash you too’. 

The amount of leftist propaganda throughout this years grand final was epic, I’m sure the most so far. The socialists are obsessed with controlling how we think, mind control of the masses is their game, the footy gets great views therefore they must hijack this and preach social justice. They do not respect freedom of thought. If the AFL continues such high levels of propaganda they will continue to loose even more viewers than they already have.  

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