TTT 121 Four Hecklers and a Funeral

With protestors and hecklers against the monarchy being arrested by the UK Police leftists are suddenly concerned about a lack of free speech, some are planning to protest the Queen’s Funeral. Tim and Stephen reflect on the Tasman nations’ new King Charles III plus cover the latest local news on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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Jacinda Ardern has announced the ‘retiring’ of the covid traffic light system with New Zealanders able to go into the summer with certainty. She told people to ‘respect’ those who still chose to wear masks and who are not happy the mandate is gone. In Australia Teal Independent the member for Kooyong Dr. Monique Ryan is demanding a national summit to plan for future covid waves. She was confronted on Sky News Australia about why she was dancing maskless at a community event.

Jacinda’s decline has continued in the polls with the NZ general election around a year off. National and the ACT Party would be able to form government based on these polls. Stephen has compiled an epic biased guide to the Auckland local election on the BFD.

Leftists all of sudden care about free speech again as anti-monarchy protestors are being dragged off for breaches of the peace. A man who called Prince Andrews ‘a sick old man’ in Scotland has been charged. The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance are planning to protest the national day of mourning of Queen Elizabeth. The NRL players association believes a fine and ban handed to NRLW player Caitlin Moran for celebrating the Queen’s death was disproportionate.

Greens Deputy Leader Mehreen Faruqi is putting in a Human Rights Commission complaint against Pauline Hanson for telling her to ‘piss off back to Pakistan’ after Faruqi claimed Queen Elizabeth led a racist empire. A Republican Movement fundraiser to star Assistant Minister for the Republic Matt Thistlethwaite has been canceled.

Recent Roy Morgan and Guardian Essential polls predict that Dan Andrews will be re-elected as Premier of Victoria but Labor’s low primary vote could result in a hung parliament with independents and micro parties polling strong. Victorian Education Minister Natalie Hutchins apologised for telling a cancer patient she just had to roll with the punches after having to travel to Adelaide for a scan. The Andrews Government has made several healthcare announcements after recent damning health failures, particularly with Triple Zero response deaths.

In other news NSW Labor Opposition Leader Chris Minns deleted a social media post in which he claimed a woman was more likely to be raped than smoke. Another La Nina wet summer has been forecast for Australia which most likely will result in more flooding on the East Coast.

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