TNE 70 Tradition Meets Modernity

Charles III has been proclaimed King of the UK and Australia. Albo has followed tradition and provided Australians with a day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II. But the decadence of modernity still reigns with heathens of the Green and rainbow religions being smited. Tradition meets modernity on tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Australia’s day of mourning will be a public holiday to be Thursday on the 22nd of September so it doesn’t clash with Victoria’s Grand Final Eve holiday. Albo will be traveling over to London for the Queen’s funeral next Monday. The pomp and ceremony that followed the Queen’s death have been viewed by many normies as a nice nostalgic journey in the time machine which has triggered the anti-British Empire crowd who see it all as obscene and offensive.

The AFLW did not hold a minute’s silence to mark the passing of the Queen because it was their Indigenous Round. NRLW player Caitlin Moran is under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit for an Instagram post celebrating the Queen’s death. Senator Jacqui Lambie published her response to Greens Deputy Leader Mehreen Faruqi labeling the Queen the leader of a racist empire. Lambie said she was grateful for the opportunities Australia gave migrants like her father.

Yesterday was September 11 which marks both the anniversary of the 2001 plane attacks in New York City and Washington DC which killed 3,000 people and the 1973 Chilean Revolution where General Augusto Pinochet saved the nation from becoming a socialist hellhole by removing socialist President Salvador Allende. Also over the weekend. Ukraine made advances against Russian forces in the Kharkiv region.

The looming European winter energy is seeing governments draft laws to control citizens’ energy use. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that we need to flatten the curve of high energy use during peak times through mandates. People in Switzerland could be jailed for up to three years rules if they heat their homes above 19°C (66.2F). UK ITV show This Morning had paying your energy bills as a prize on its spin-the-wheel segment. The US state of California has been on a ‘flex alert’ for over a week and residents told to limit their energy use and not charge their electric cars during peak times.

Irish school teacher Enoch Burke has been jailed for contempt of court indefinitely as he turned up to the school he was suspended from when he refused to call a student ‘they’. He can only be released if agrees to stay away from the school. Northern Irish Unionist Protestant Jolene Bunting has avoided jail accused of breaching an order put on her by HIV-positive drag queen storytime reader Matthew Cavan aka Cherrie Ontop who she had organized protests against.

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