FAKE NEWS ALERT! Hawthorn’s “Racism Bombshell” Isn’t Racism At All

The mainstream media is using a false headline and making up that there is a racism scandal at the Hawthorn Football Club when there isn’t. It’s an abortion scandal, that’s what it is, they allegedly forced a player to get his girlfriend to have an abortion. If true it was wrong, but it had nothing to do with racism. Don’t forget we haven’t heard the full story either.

Channel 7 News Report-Spot the exaggerated reaction and lack of explaining both sides, this indicates classic leftist racial propaganda.

The football player happened to be Aboriginal so the leftists in the media have run with the false headline that it’s a “racism scandal” when it isn’t. Lefties in the media are constantly looking for excuses to call white people racist when we are not, particularly AFL fans, clubs and players, they clearly are running a long-term operation on the AFL. This is just another false claim of racism in the AFL. A previous one was the leftists accusing Eddie McGuire and Collingwood of being racist, this lead to disruptions at the club and Eddie quitting.

Today’s Herald Sun-there are five pages dedicated to this so called scandal with one of them being the front page. They sure are trying to make a big deal of this. Isn’t there more important things to report on especially since the mainstream media has made it clear they are OK with abortion?

What is happening is media abuse of white Australians, the media are the real racists. Usually people who are guilty of something tend to accuse others of doing that thing they are doing, it’s a law of this universe, so this doesn’t surprise me. It’s a non-stop onslaught by lefties on the AFL, continual accusations of racism. Australia is the nicest, most tolerant nation on earth. These are outrageous lies. If Melbourne was such a racist place then why have we been voted the most liveable city numerous times? Why has half of China moved here to start a new life?

We never hear about the bad things that happen to white players, if the media exposed that then we would all realise that there has never been any racism scandals and it’s all hype. Black and white players get the same treatment. By focusing only on the bad things which have happened to black players, and ignoring what happens to white players it creates the impression the AFL is bullying blacks and that’s exactly why the media is doing it. It’s a lie, if anything the AFL unfairly favours blacks with Indigenous and Multicultural Rounds and Muslim Cups. The AFL CEO needs to stop all this social justice propaganda junk now and the mainstream media needs to stop pressuring the AFL into being a propaganda tool of the radical left.

*For more news minus the propaganda checkout the latest episode of the Andy Nolch Show:

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