TNE 71 Martha’s Illegals Yard

Progressive elites on Martha’s Vineyard deport illegal aliens while some arrive at Kamala Harris’ house. Hurt feelings see British broadcaster Alex Belfield jailed for over 5 years. Another week of immigration and free speech double standards on Tim’s News Explosion as Queen Elizabeth is finally laid to rest.

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While the traditions of the UK have been on display to mark the Queen’s death so has the modern diversity of the nation. Two women were sexually assaulted while in the queue to view the Queen’s coffin lying in state. Riots have broken out in the city of Leicester between Muslims and Hindu communities.

Alex Belfield host of the Voice of Reason was sentenced by a judge to over 5 years in jail after being found guilty by a jury of ‘stalking’ 4 people associated with the BBC. Alex is an ex-BBC radio DJ who exposed bad practices at the BBC. He never physically interacted with any of the 4 but was found guilty because he hurt their feelings and others said mean things about them online. Alex’s YouTube channel has 358k and performed live in-person shows which meant his influence was too great for some.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, an Island off the coast of Massachusetts home to the Obamas and Oprah. It’s where Ted Kennedy drove a woman to her death in 1969. The illegals were quickly detained at a Cape Cod military base. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been sending illegals to Kamala Harris’ house.

Mike Lindell the My Pillow Guy has been raided by the FBI who wanted his phone believing him to be a witness in an electronic voting information leak case. This sounds like a pretext for the FBI to make trumped-up charges against Lindell as they did with other Trump associates Mike Flynn, Paul Manfort, and Roger Stone.

In an interview with Scott Pelley on CBS 60 Minutes, Joe Biden declared the pandemic is over. Yet the US won’t allow unvaxxed foreigners into the country unless they come illegally through the Southern Border.

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