TNE 62 Missing in Action

Flooding has returned to Sydney but Airbus Albo is Missing in Action in Kyiv, the latest stop on his globalist tour. In Melbourne, the frightbat ferals returned upset about Roe vs Wade in the US. I cover it all on Tim’s News Explosion.

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The Warragamba Dam in Sydney is spilling again due to heavy rainfall, the Hawkesbury River is overflowing and the Windsor Bridge is underwater. Many Australians are asking where’s Albo? He’s been found in Kyiv which has become a pilgrimage for globalist leaders. His goofy Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt has been tasked with overseeing the federal government’s response.

Another good Labor MP passed away former Victorian Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett from breast cancer at the age of 49. Garrett resigned from Dan Andrews’ Ministry in 2016 during the United Firefighters Union pay dispute and put in a bullying complaint against the Union’s leader Peter Marshall.

Local frightbat feminists marched in Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart on Saturday upset about the US states now having the same legislative authority on abortion that Australian states do. In Melbourne, the frightbats attacked a black pro-life activist and clashed with actual my body my choice protestors demanding all vaccine mandates end.

Unvaxxed tourists and visa holders will be able to visit Australia from Wednesday, this means Novak Djokovic could return for the 2023 Australian Open. The covid zero zealots are again pushing for mask mandates because of the coming BA4 and 5 wave. Tom Peacock virologist at the Imperial College of London believes that the next Omicron variant to take-off could be BA2.75 from India.

MRNA covid vaccines have been approved for children under 5 in the US and will be coming soon to Australia. Elmo from Sesame Street got one with his father saying they were safe and effective. The Babylon Bee reported that Elmo subsequently died from myocarditis and that Bert and Ernie contracted monkeypox.

There have been two cases of Diphtheria diagnosed in unvaccinated children in Northern NSW, it is a bacterial infection that causes respiratory breathing difficulty. The vaccine is part of a child’s vaccination schedule. In my view, these new outbreaks of historical diseases in which vaccines already exist are due to governments creating more anti-vaxxers by forcing the fast-tracked covid vaccines on people and denying there were side effects.

Known deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s madame Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years jail for child sex trafficking. Maxwell had been on ‘suicide watch’ in the lead-up to her sentencing. Former R&B singer R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in jail for racketeering and sex trafficking using his fame to sexually abuse young fans. These are two sex offenders we are allowed to know about and name. Simeon Boikov the Aussie Cossack was sentenced to 10 months in prison for breaching suppression orders.

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