WF Ep. 166 Nick Patterson Up Against Victoria Police

My guest on WIlmsFront is Father, Christian, MMA, and freedom fighter Nick Paterson who is up against Victoria Police at trial later this year. He has been charged with assaulting force members when they were suppressing a freedom protest during lockdown 4 last year.

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In 2021 Victoria Police’s brutal enforcement of Dan Andrews’ lockdowns escalated to horrific levels culminating with rubber bullets being shot at freedom protestors. They also targeted freedom activists with incitement charges and issued them countless multi-thousand dollar fines for breaching CHO directions.

Nick’s confrontation with Victoria Police on May 29 last year occurred when they rushed at freedom protestors while they were heading to their cars and Nick jumped in to defend his friend. Victoria Police dislocated his shoulder, he then spent 29 days in prison. His initial bail conditions upon release contained a complete gag order.

The seriousness of the charge Nick faces is if found guilty by a jury he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 6 months. Victoria Police will be throwing all possible resources to see that Nick is convicted. He has been forced to close his MMA gym in Cranbourne in part because of the Victoria Police harassment. He has several upcoming legal fundraisers, he wants to set a precedent in his trial that will see reform of police conduct.

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