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Life Wins in the United States with Roe vs Wade overturned. In Victoria freedom is losing. An anti-gay deadly terror attack devastates Oslo. I review a life-changing week on Tim’s News Explosion.

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The decline in freedom in Victoria is now bipartisan. Last week in the Victorian Parliament Liberal Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said metoo to all of Premier Dan Andrews’ anti-freedom Cultural Marxist bills. The public Nazi swastika ban passed the parliament coming into effect in 6 months. The Treaty Authority Bill passed the Lower House as part of the Andrews Government’s plan to have a treaty with Indigenous Victorians, ie the state will have a treaty with itself. Introduced to Parliament was the creation of a new offence of engaging in conduct that is grossly offensive to community standards of acceptable conduct carrying a maximum prison term of 5 years.

Dan ended the week with four of his Cabinet Ministers announcing their retirement: Health Minister Martin Foley, Police Minister Lisa Neville, Deputy Premier James Merlino, and Industry Minister Martin Pakula. Dan got his choice of new Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan who is also from his Socialist left faction so his power has further increased.

Dan’s biggest online fan PRGuy17 in an interview with Labor shill friendlyjordies said his name was Jeremy Maluta. Jeremy has no online presence other than a canceled ABN under the name of Jeremy Hewitt Maluta A man called Jeremy Hewitt was interviewed by Yahoo news in 2015 after a woman sprayed him in water on a Melbourne train. It was Avi Yemini’s Federal Court action that forced Twitter to release the account information of PR Guy that has triggered this unmasking.

Roe vs Wade has been overturned by the US Supreme Court with the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization upholding a Missippi law banning abortion after 14 weeks. Abortion laws will now be set by the legislatures in each of the 50 states but baby killers are mad. Justice Clarence Thomas proposed revisiting other cases covered by the invented Constitutional right to privacy which Roe vs Wade is based on. President Joe Biden claimed the Supreme Court had taken away a constitutional right and upset the scales of justice. But in 2006 Biden described abortion as a tragedy.

An anti-gay Islamic Terror Attack has killed two and injured eight at a gay club in Olso, Norway on eve of the city’s pride parade which has been subsequently canceled. The WHO decided that monkeypox is not an international health emergency. But health authorities found some genetically linked Polio in some London poo.

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