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Australia is on the verge of becoming powerless yet there is still energy for government virtue signalling. Jacinda Ardern tries to reshuffle her electoral fortunes and move on inflated MPs. Join Tim Wilms and Stephen Berry for Trad Tasman Talk.

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Dieuwe is still off sick (not covid or monkeypox) so Stephen is back now, his internet has been activated at his new home, before that he was also sick (also not covid or monkeypox). The World Health Organisation is set to rename monkeypox as a way to reduce racism and stigma. Those infected in western nations are mainly men who have sex with men with research underway that it could be sexually transmitted directly through semen.

Last week the Australian Energy Market Operator temporarily nationalized the energy generation market. They previously introduced a price cap on wholesale electricity reducing supply hence why blackouts loomed. NSW Liberal Energy Minister Matt Kean accused energy generators of ‘putting profits above people’ a socialist slogan. NZ is facing a plasterboard shortage, the Government’s solution is to suspend the trademark of local company Fletcher Building so foreign-made plasterboard can be imported.

The NSW state government will fly the Aboriginal flag permanently over the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the price tag of $25 million. All Government press conferences now take place in front of the Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander Flags. Greens leader Adam Bandt put the Australian flag aside at his press conference calling the flag hurtful, while Victorian Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe called the flag obscene.

The NSW and Victorian Governments jointly announced they would fund an extra year of preschool by 2030. This policy appears to be designed to get more mothers into the workforce allowing them to dump their children at school earlier on.

The Victorian Greens have had another TERF war with state leader Samantha Ratnam invaliding the election of state convenor Linda Gale claiming electoral rules weren’t followed. Gale has been accused of transphobia for co-authoring a paper that said the Greens shouldn’t ban debate around gender. Ratnam is chairing a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into far-right extremism. It is not going the way maybe the Greens intended with Liberty Victoria arguing that offensive and humiliating speech should be tolerated.

Jacinda Ardern has reshuffled her Cabinet. As gang crime in Auckland continues Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins has replaced Poto Williams as Police Minister. Controversial Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard will step down in mid-August to take up a diplomatic post in Europe. Mallard has been in Parliament since 1984. Sam Uffindell retained the seat of Tauranga for the National Party at Saturday’s by-election triggered by the resignation of former leader Simon Bridges.

The trial of Bruce Lehrmann accused of the rape of former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins will be delayed after Project co-host Lisa Wilkinson’s acceptance speech at the Logies. Wilkinson was warned last week that would she said at the Logies could prejudice the trial.

FINA and the International Rugby League have banned male to female trans athletes from competing in women’s sports, the case of FINA banned if they’ve gone through male puberty.

Moderna in Australia has announced they are developing a combined covid-19 and flu vaccine.

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