WF Ep. 165 The January 6 Resurrection Show

US Congressional Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans have launched the January 6 Resurrection Show in the form of a House subcommittee. On this week’s WilmsFront I’m joined by Nick Holt from the Independent News Network to dive deeper into this reboot released just before the mid-term elections.

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Nick lives in Queensland but has been focusing more on US political developments on his Substack and podcast. This is because Nick believes what occurs in the US will eventually filter down to Australia, he doesn’t believe much has changed here with a new Prime Minister and Federal Government and our decline will continue as part of the wider decline of the West.

The main aim of the January 6 House subcommittee is to disqualify Donald Trump from running for the Presidency in 2024. The US Primetime opening night was produced by former ABC News President James Goldston. Several lies were repeated such as that 5 Capitol police officers were killed during the occupation, only 1 Trump supporter was killed that day Ashli Babbitt. There are still Trump supporters who were in the Capitol that day who are still imprisoned without facing a trial.

The US mid-term elections take place on Tuesday, November 8 with all 435 seats in the House of Representatives up for election, 35 seats in the Senate, and 36 gubernatorial elections. Polling suggests that Republicans will retake Congress. This is another reason why January 6 subcommittee is occurring now. Biden has begun referring to Trump’s supporters in Congress and those running in November as Ultra MAGA.

All this political theatre by Biden and the Democrats is to distract from the fact the cost of living for Americans is increasing with inflation out of control at 8.1% the highest rise since 1981. Gasoline prices have topped $5USD a gallon (3.7 liters) for the first time and interest rates have just gone up by 0.75%. Topping that off is a national shortage of baby formula and now tampons. The Democrat-controlled Congress has sent billions to Ukraine while Americans at home struggle.

But the other reason why there is a backlash against the Democrats is because of their support for the indoctrination of school children with critical race theory, degenerate sexual education programs and pushing masks and other pandemic mandates. Left-wing terrorism has increased since the draft US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs Wade was leaked. A man was arrested outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s private home planning to assassinate him. A pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge, which has claimed credit for recent attacks on pro-life pregnancy support centers. Antifa and BLM violence of the past year went uncondemned by the Democrats and mainstream media.

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