TNE 59 The Winter SADS

The Big Freeze winter continues across Australia but SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) is spreading all throughout the western world. On this week’s Tim’s News Explosion we dig deeper than just the tip of an iceberg lettuce price.

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The Big Freeze returned to the MCG after 3 years. It’s an annual tradition started in 2015 before the Queen’s Birthday AFL Match between Melbourne and Collingwood to raise funds to fight Motor neurone disease (MND). There might be a similar fundraiser in the future to fight Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) which is claiming the lives of fit young healthy people. Maybe as there is Red Nose Day for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) maybe we all wear clown wigs to fight the medical mystery of SADS?

Justin Bieber has been forced to cancel tour dates after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which has paralysed the right side of his face. One of the causes can be a chickenpox infection from childhood. Bieber’s collaborator on the song Stay Aussie rapper The Kid LAROI had to cancel several shows due to being struck down with influenza.

While announcing the state government would fund a new $750 million Queensland Cancer Centre in Brisbane Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the state was projecting cancer diagnoses to increase by almost 50 per cent by 2036. The pandemic lockdowns saw thousands of cancer screenings missed.

On the Queen’s Birthday every year more Order of Australia medals are awarded. Federal Health Department head Brendan Murphy and former Queensland CHO Jennette Young were awarded ACs while NSW CHO Kerry Chant and covid commentator Mary Louise McLaws were awarded AOs.

Queensland and NSW could be facing power blackouts tomorrow as the electricity grids are reaching maximum capacity this winter as the sun isn’t shining for solar, the wind isn’t blowing and there is a shortage of gas.

Anthony Albanese told Kyle and Jackie O that KFC using cabbage instead of lettuce to cut costs was a ‘crisis’ that would be on the Cabinet agenda. The cost of iceberg lettuces has been of concern for Federal Labor since Bill Shorten went shopping with a Queanbeyan family in 2016.

Dan Andrews’ Victorian Agricultural Department has put out a fact sheet to dispel fears that his new Agriculture Amendment Bill could seize lettuces from people’s private vegetable patches. But the new legislation could imprison game hunters from sharing meat with people outside of their household in a social setting.

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