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Scott Morrison has announced a policy for superannuation access for first home buyers with less than one week until polling day. The Biden Administration does not have its house in order sending more money to Ukraine while domestic crises continue. Catch my analysis on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has been mocked online for catching covid despite being triple vaccinated and being one of the biggest mask zealots in the country. Bill Gates has also caught covid, in an appearance on CNN he said it was tragic if people are not getting vaccinated because of conspiracies about him. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also has covid catching it from her fiance and is too sick to attend her virtual Cabinet meetings.

Last week Northern Territory Chief Minister Crazy Eyes Michael Gunner resigned claiming he wanted to spend more time raising his family. His legacy will be locking up Aboriginal close contacts in the Howard Springs quarantine camps, a bloated public service, and pushing for the failed prosecution of Police Constable Zachary Rolfe.

At the Liberal campaign launch, Scott Morrison copied a policy proposal from Goldstein MP Tim Wilson who is under challenge from a Teal indepedent, that if his government is re-elected first homebuyers will be able to access their superannuation to assist with their purchase. The Victorian Liberal Party is planning to expel Bernie Finn from the parliamentary party not for disloyalty but for re-expressing his pro-life views.

While the Russia-Ukraine conflict is now centered on the disputed Eastern Donbas region, Ukraine is still receiving western support. Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest even though many believed it was far from the best song. There are rumors that Vladimir Putin has cancer and Xi Jinping has a brain hemorrhage.

The US Congress wants to send Ukraine another $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. Republican Senator Rand Paul delayed its passage arguing Ukraine can’t be saved by dooming the US economy. There is a nationwide shortage of baby formula in the US.

There has been another mass shooting in the US in Buffalo in New York State. 18-year-old Payton Gendron murdered 10 people and injured 3 firing into a supermarket. In his online manifesto, he claimed he was inspired by Brenton Tarrant, although Gendron was a communist just a few years back. This will no doubt result in Australian authorities increasing their surveillance of NSN.

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