TNE 53 The Grate Debate

Channel 9’s Leaders Debate last night has had a grate effect in its aftermath as early voting begins. Overseas voting in Northern Ireland and campaigns in Republican primaries are leaving many stunned. I explore the latest fireworks in the world on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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After a boring start to the great debate, it came to life when Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese started interrupting each other and talked over the moderator Sarah Abo who was out of her depth. NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham MLC tweeted during the debate “Never trust an Abo with something as important as that” and was accused of making racist slur as Abo is also short for Aboriginal.

The Victorian Greens have an all First Nations Senate Ticket led by Lidia Thorpe. On Twitter, she introduced us to one of them non-binary Zeb Payne who promoted their LGBTQIA+ mental health policy on Joy FM. Democracy Alliance founder and lead Queensland Senate candidate Drew Pavlou returned to Eastwood in the seat of Bennelong this Saturday following his assault the week before for holding a ‘Fuck Xi Jinping’ sign. NSW Police charged and bailed him for refusing a move on order.

In the Northern Ireland Assembly election, there was a significant result with Republican, Nationalist, and socialist party Sinn Fein winning the most seats. They want to immediately begin the process of holding an Irish reunification referendum and will not seek Westminster’s approval for one. Sinn Fein is also the main opposition in the Republic of Ireland.

In US news Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is allowed to run for re-election following a court ruling challenging her eligibility, she has declared herself Ultra MAGA. After the release of a photo of him in lingerie last week Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s enemies this week leaked two videos to damage his chances at his upcoming Republican primary. The first is his Congressional aide and cousin Stephen Smith jokingly putting his hand on his crotch in the car. The second is him naked in bed thrusting his crotch into a male friend’s face.

Madison Cawthorn claims ‘blackmail’ after opposition group publishes nude video – Fox News
GOP Rep Madison Cawthorn is caught on video with male scheduler’s hand on his crotch – Daily Mail
Nine vows to report Mark Latham to authorities after offensive tweet – SMH

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