TTT 107 Ghosts of Campaigns Past

Ghosts of Campaigns past have returned to scare Australian voters before the May 21 federal poll. Jacinda finally leaves fortress NZ after two years for Japan. Join Tim Wilms and Stephen Berry for Trad Tasman Talk.

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Stephen has relaunched his Mr Berry Mr Berry show after being fired from Officewokes after some co-workers were triggered and offended by his final episode.

Victoria, NSW, and the ACT have eased close contact isolation rules with other states set to follow. In Victoria retail and hospitality workers, and primary schools students no longer have to wear masks. Vaccine passports and QR codes also end but worker vaccine mandates remain. NZ has also ended its vaccine passport system though there are still some businesses that are voluntarily enforcing them.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has tested positive for covid so will be in isolation for 7 days. Despite Albo’s stumbles Labor is ahead in the Mr Berry poll of polls though he did perform well in the Sky News people’s forums.

Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves continues to have her controversial transgender comments on her old social media reported almost daily by the mainstream media. She has apologized for suggesting that 50% of trans-identifying biological males were sex offenders and there was a link between transvestism and serial killers.

Labor’s Kristina Kenneally’s parachuted move to the lower house isn’t a guarantee with Deputy Mayor of Fairfield Dai Li running for the seat of Folwer as an independent. Kenneally attempted this week to sell Labor’s new Mediscare style campaign claiming that the Coalition plans to put pensioners on the cashless debit welfare card, the ABC fact check debunked this claim with an ‘election scare alert’.

Pacific Islands Minister Zed Seselja traveled to the Solomon Islands in a last-ditch attempt to stop the nation’s Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare from signing a security pact with China. Foreign Minister Marise Payne corrected Seselja that the government did know about the pact before it was leaked on social media. Defence Minister Peter Dutton has hit out at Deputy Labor Leader Richard Marles for a book chapter he wrote stating that Pacific Islands could enter into any agreement with China they wanted to.

Jacinda Ardern is on her first international trip since she closed the borders in March 2020 to Japan. She was greeted by the dancing Zespri kiwifruit brothers. We round out the show by looking at the polling for the French Presidential election runoff where Emmanuel Macron is against up against nationalist Marine Le Pen.

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