WF Ep. 162 Independent Victorian Senate Candidate Damien Richardson

On this week’s WilmsFront I interview pro-freedom Independent Victorian Senate Candidate and professional actor Damien Richardson about his policy platform and campaign.

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Damien’s acting career has included major roles in the Australian television series Neighbours and City Homicide. He became involved in the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne after the vaccine mandates began to be rolled out as he had just started a new job in the construction industry. He was involved in the week of rage protests including the Siege at the Shrine in September 2021 where Victoria Police shot protestors with rubber bullets.

Damien became a co-host of the popular Cafe Locked Out show with Michael Gray Griffith. He and his children have had to navigate all the vaccine mandate and passport rules over the past 6 months.

Damien decided to run as an independent rather than with a pro-freedom minor party so he could have his own platform not just read party talking points. He has traveled all throughout Victoria to meet the voters and has a dedicated volunteer base. He believes that much can be done to restore and better protect Australian’s freedom at the federal level with more political will than Scott Morrison has shown.

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