TNE 46 Season’s Change

It’s been a weird and wild week even considering all the madness we’ve endured over the past two years. Is it climate change, or something else man-made, or just the ‘season’s’ change? I’ll explore tonight on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Victoria is coming out of its Labour Day long weekend with the Moomba parade returning to the CBD after two years of pandemic restrictions. Although Victoria has avoided the rains that flooded up north residents have been told to cover-up with aerogard to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes who are carrying Japanese encephalitis. Travel was a luxury on this year’s Labour Day with record petrol prices

Over the past week 3 Victorians all aged 52 have suffered heart attacks. Cricket legend Shane Warne and Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching sadly passed away. Kitching was one of the good Labor Senators and as a result, was having her preselection threatened by Labor’s faceless men. Essendon Premiership player Dean Wallis thankfully survived his heart attack. Another Essendon Premiership player Matthew Lloyd revealed he had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

As the bloody Russia-Ukraine war continues United States Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland told a Senate committee Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities” she fears Russia could seize. Classified documents captured by the Russian military in Ukraine claim that blood serum from the Ukrainian Bio Labs has been shipped to The Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Northern Territory Police Constable Zachary Rolfe was found not guilty of murder by a jury. He was charged following the shooting death of violent Aboriginal criminal Arnold ‘Kumanjayi’ Walker in 2019. Rolfe shot Walker three times as Walker attempted to stab Rolfe and his partner when they were trying to apprehend him in the remote town of Yuendumu. The not-guilty verdict has again shown the jury system as one of our justice system’s greatest strengths against mob rule.

The progressive left is now targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on a new front for his Parental Rights in Education Bill. The media mainstream media are calling it the “don’t say gay” bill implying it bans all LGBT discussions inside schools. The bill simply protects kindergarten to grade 3 children from age-inappropriate classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. There have been instances of children instructed to pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag and educators promoting masturbation for children.

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