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While Australia floods, New Zealand burns. The lawn of the Beehive was set ablaze as police steamrolled through the anti-mandate protesters’ occupation. NZ sets new daily case records, unable to avoid an “Omicron binfire.” Plus, is the Russo-Ukraine War changing the news narrative down under? Join Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer on Trad Tasman Talk.

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New Zealand’s High Court struck down vaccine mandates for the police and defence forces. Jacinda Ardern responded that vax mandates and passports were not meant to be forever and will be reviewed after the Omicron wave. Vaccine passports in Tasmania have been abolished and unvaxxed South Australian Police are allowed back on the beat.

While the world was watching Ukraine the NZ Police moved in on the convoy occupation protestors which saw someone light fires that spread throughout the makeshift campsite and also burned down Speaker Trevor Mallard’s $600,000 slide. Jacinda Ardern claimed that anti-mandate activists fell victim to foreign disinformation. Some even claimed the police breakup on the convoy was NZ’s own January 6.

Record flash flooding has destroyed towns and communities in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. The blame on social and mainstream media has of course been attributed to climate change, not the fact new dams are not being constructed, flood levees have not been raised and new developments continue to be built on flood plains. ACTU Secretary Sally McManus tweeted then deleted a thought she had that if everyone in Sydney turned on their taps when the dams were full would that stop the flooding?

The possibility of nuclear warfare in this conflict has put covid hysteria into perspective as you’ll need a bit more than paper and cloth masks to survive nuclear radiation. There have been Australian health alerts out for two mosquito-borne infections: the flesh-eating Buruli ulcer and Japanese encephalitis. It has led to some alarmist media clickbait but buried inside those articles is the fact these infections cannot be transmitted human to human.

In Victorian news, Premier Dan Andrews has been forced into a humiliating back down from his proposed housing tax on new residential developments to fund his new socialist public housing building projects. Dan’s Government announced this week they would offer $100,000 in compensation to Aboriginals deemed to be members of the stolen generation. Today at a CEDA luncheon he announced his government would invest in 9GW offshore windpower as part of his emissions target.

The attacks on Australian minor party leaders in the media are increasing in the leadup to the May federal election. News Corp reported that United Australia Party Chairman Clive Palmer had bought Adolf Hitler’s car for his car museum. Clive denied this purchase claiming it was fake news. Social media has dug up a 2017 ABC Insiders interview where One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson said she admired Vladimir Putin.

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