TNE 45 Cancelling a Country

Cancel culture has evolved into canceling a whole country as financial institutions deplatform Russian trade and Western Governments seize Russian oligarch’s assets. That plus the latest changes to ‘The Science’ on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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There has been much shock and sadness at the sudden death of Australian cricket legend spin bowler Shane Warne aged 52 in Thailand. In 2021 Warnie got covid after he was double vaccinated. Both extremes of covid politics on social media believe his death was either long covid related or vaccine-related. Despite Shane Warne being scathing of Dan Andrews’ pandemic response Dan took credit for the MCC’s decision to rename the MCG Great Southern Stand the SK Warne Stand and offered his family a state funeral.

Sanctions of Western Governments against Russian oligarch’s is seeing their property seized and bank accounts frozen, similar to what the Canadian Government did recently with members and supporters of the truckers’ convoy. Various corporations such as Netflix and Spotify have shut down their operations in Russian while VISA and Mastercard have canceled transactions between Russian and non-Russian cardholders. This precedent should concern everyone no matter what your view on the Russia-Ukraine war is, if corporations can cancel a country and governments can seize anyone’s assets from a country they don’t like they can do it to anyone.

Joe Biden made Russia-Ukraine the focus of his State of the Union address. Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting behind Biden weren’t wearing a mask. Pelosi who despite her clap warm-up didn’t clap at the right moment said in an interview she was following the updated Science. In the US they are still forcing masks onto young children in schools. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a recent press conference told masked students they didn’t need to wear covid theatre masks.

The death toll from the flash floods in South East Queensland and Northern NSW currently stands at 16. There has again been criticism of Scott Morrison MIA, he has been in isolation due to being covid positive. But there has been no criticism of Anthony Albanese for traveling to Western Australia on the border reopening day to campaign or upon returning to Sydney marching in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

WA Premier Mark McGowan is currently in Sydney attending a Federal Court hearing of a defamation case brought against him by Clive Palmer. McGowan called Palmer an enemy of the state, McGowan has responded that Palmer has created a band of angry people threatening him and his family. McGowan denied reports in the West Australian newspaper he was going to wear full PPE to attend a virtual national cabinet meeting when he was quarantining back in Perth. Palmer’s United Australia Party lost two high profile candidates on the weekend Morgan Jonas of Reignite Democracy Australia and pro-Putin Sydneysider Sean Ambrose.

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