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Omicron immunity has seen covid begin to become endemic which globalists such as Bill Gates are open in lamenting. But they still have WEF graduates like Justin Trudeau to steamroll through opposition to their Great Reset. Globalist and local agendas on tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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On the same day that Australia’s international borders reopened to tourists the National Center of Resilience quarantine camp network was expanded to house incoming travelers whose vaccine papers aren’t in order. Mickleham in Victoria and Wellcamp in Queensland joined Howard Springs in Darwin as part of this ‘gold standard’ network.

Martial emergency law continues in Canada to crush the freedom truckers’ convoy where the federal government even has the power to freeze the bank accounts of financial supporters and members of the convoy. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police even trampled an elderly supporter of the convoy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a global leader of the World Economic Forum whose founder Klaus Schwab several years ago bragged they had penetrated half of the Canadian cabinet.

At the Munich Security Conference Bill Gates expressed sadness that natural immunity from the Omicron variant had dramatically reduced the impact of the covid pandemic rather than his vaccines. Back in 2020, Bill Gates told Stephen Colbert that the final solution to the pandemic was the vaccines. However, Gates has warned that another pandemic is all but certain.

Deceased known pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s best mate and pimp Jean-Luc Brunel has also been founded dead hanging from his jail cell with the video cameras not working. He was on remand in Paris facing child sex trafficking charges.

Sky News journalists Paul Murray and Rita Panahi incorrectly interpreted ABS data to say that only 83 Australians had died solely from covid since the beginning of the pandemic to January 31 this year. The actual data stated that of the 2556 Australians who died with covid during that timeframe 220 have only covid on their death certificate.

Some anti-vaxxers are claiming that the covid vaccines are causing VAIDS – vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This claim is based on circumstantial recent news including it being HIV testing week last week and Moderna developing an MRNA HIV vaccine plus historical news including the abandoned University of Queensland covid vaccine that produced HIV false positives.

Greens Senator Lidia Thrope claimed in an interview with NITV that she still fears for safety after the Convict Warrior Resistance included a sign calling her an Abo Whore in their Aboringal flag burning video. Thorpe claimed they are a designated terror group in Australia which is not true, the Nationalist Social Order has been the latest far-right group added to Australia’s terrorist list. Later in the week, she accused Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker of whitesplaining in a debate about the Coalition Government purchasing the rights of the Aboriginal flag design for $20 million.

Western intelligence continues to claim that Russia will invade Ukraine any day now, they have said a Russian invasion is imminent for the past two weeks. The Russian Foreign Ministry has asked the US to tell them their next predicted invasion day so the generals can book their holidays for that date.

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