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While much of the world and Eastern Australia prepares for endemicity, WA and NZ cling on to the kneejerk health responses of the past two years. Government Backward Responders and tyranny on today’s Trad Tasman Talk with Tim and Stephen.

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If you listened to mainstream and social media commentary about how the Omicron wave is progressing in Eastern Australia you would think there is no food on the shelf, everyone is locking themselves down and corpses are piling up on the streets. It is partly because of this misinformation that WA Premier Mark McGowan has postponed the reopening of the state to the world indefinitely or until 80% of the population is tripled jabbed. This backflip has devastated many who will continue to be separated from family.

While NZ is living with Delta it is trying to keep Omicron at bay and has a half-baked plan to deal with an outbreak. Jacinda Ardern has promised no more lockdowns but will move the whole nation to traffic light red with Omicron spreads in the community. NZ’s MIQ is not opening any more spots for returning Kiwis due to so many Omicron cases at the border.

‘Bishop’ Brian Tamaki leader of the Destiny Church is now on remand at Mt Eden prison after breaching his bail by attending another freedom event. His followers blockaded the prison road when Tamaki was denied access to his toiletry bag.

Premier Dan Andrews and his Labor Government are still on track for a third term in the November 2022 state election despite Melbourne being the most locked-down city in the world during 2020-21. This week concerningly the Victorian Electoral Commission sent former NBA star Andrew Bogut a warning letter claiming he’d violated electoral authorization laws because she shared a link to a VoteThemOut video aimed at the crossbenchers who voted for Dan’s permanent pandemic laws.

The Victorian Government Youth Affairs council released a TikTok video with an underage lesbian encouraged to get the covid vax without her parents’ permission. A Victoria Police officer has been charged with assault over a sickening head slam of a man at Flinders Street station in September last year during the week of tradie anti-mandate protests.

The Federal Court of Australia published its reasons for upholding Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to deport Novak Djokovic, the court believed it was reasonable for the Minister to believe Djokovic could incite anti-vax sentiment in Australia. Surfer Kelly Slater appears to be the next high-profile unvaccinated sports star to be denied entry to Australia.

England will be removing all legal requirements to wear face masks. This is bad news for mask perverts, a study from the University of Cardiff found surgical masks make people appear more attractive. The Australian Human Rights Commission is responding to a complaint by a local Muslim group about how Katie Hopkins was granted a visa last year. Hopkins was deported after joking she was going to answer to the hotel quarantine door naked with no mask on.

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