TNE 34 The No Bedwetters Panel

While normal people enjoyed a traditional Christmas with family and friends others spent hours outside masked in the boiling heat to get a PCR test. On the final Tim’s News Explosion of 2021 I bring you the no bedwetters panel with Margo Huss and Andy Nolch.

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Both Margo and Andy attempted to film the anti-freedom pro-lockdown Antifa protestors last month who aimed to counter the massive freedom and anti-vaccine mandate rallies that have taken place in Melbourne every week. These pro-health activists are some of the fattest people in the country, they tried to force-feed Andy with musk sticks which must be part of their junk food diet.

With the cases on the rise and countless testing requirements for work and travel still in place, thousands have swamped PCR testing clinics and bought up rapid antigen tests to find out if they have the still feared virus. Op-eds in the Nine Newspapers have appeared from women who are decrying their canceled Christmas as despite being ‘as careful as possible’ to avoid being infected with covid they still got it. Victoria and NSW both reintroduced indoor masks in the lead-up to Christmas with several bedwetting chief health officers and epidemiologists wanting more restrictions reintroduced.

While South Africa is already over its Omicron wave with lower hospitalizations and deaths than previous waves it’s famous political figures are dropping like flies. Following the death of South Africa’s last white minority apartheid-era President F. W. de Klerk at age 85 last month anti-apartheid Archbishop Desmond Tutu died last night aged 90. Many remember Tutu via the blackface impersonation of him by Australian comedian Rob Sitch 30 years ago on the Late Show.

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