TNE 35 Testy Burnout Times

2022 is proving a testy time for the hypochondriacs the government has created over the past two years. A out of control burnout at Old Parliament House has exposed the extra bizarre politics we are now living in. Join me for the first Tim’s News Explosion of the year.

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2021 had one last tragedy in-store with the death of US TV legend Betty White at the age of 99 just 17 days prior to her 100th birthday. In this politically polarised age, Betty White was beloved by everyone and represented how Hollywood should be, instead of the degenerate cesspool it is.

The start of 2022 is so far the year of the RAT in Australia with hypochondriacs buying up rapid antigen tests at supermarkets and pharmacies. With Australia’s National Cabinet steadfast that the nation will live with the virus they are finding it hard to deprogram the population they have scared shitless for two years about this ‘wicked virus’. Not surprisingly in NSW where hospitalizations with covid are surging half were admitted for non-covid reasons and tested on arrival.

In Western Australia, Premier Mark McGowan has been trying to suppress a new delta cluster so he banned singing and dancing over Christmas and New Year. WA Police scaled the walls of The George Hotel in Perth where suspected NYE dancing was taking place. In Victoria, another person set the car on fire in response to losing their livelihood through vaccine mandates.

China, where the virus was born, is still pursuing a covid-zero policy locking down entire cities over a handful of cases like Australia used to. The Chinese authorities have also engaged in public shaming of lockdown rule breakers. In Israel where they are rolling out the fourth jab, they have found an unvaccinated pregnant woman who has both the flu and coronavirus and has mild symptoms.

On December 30 a smoking ceremony outside Old Parliament House by anti-vaxx Aboriginal sovereignty activists saw part of the building burn. The activists blamed the police for using pepper spray near the smoke for it burning out of control, but video from the ground shows activists glad the building is burning. The claim that these activists were brainwashed by far-right extremists proved difficult to prosecute given that Victorian Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe tweeted and then deleted joy at seeing the Old Parliament burn.


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