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As Australia slowly opens up the infrastructure of the nation is falling apart with trams and trains taken out of the loop. In NZ Jacinda Ardern turned the nation to orange restrictions for the new year. Join Tim and Stephen for the final Trad Tasman Talk before Christmas 2021.

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It was announced this week that on December 30 all of NZ apart from the Northland region will move to orange restrictions as part of the nation’s new Covid Protection Framework. Cases are surging in New South Wales driven by the omicron variant but restrictions were still relaxed this week including allowing the unvaccinated back into most of society. Victoria has kept its retail mask mandate but will allow the unvaccinated to retail shop once again. A straight nightclub in Newcastle has contributed to the Omicron surge however a gay nightclub in Melbourne did not see omicron spread very far. Boosters are now being significantly pushed on the populatuion in the face of omicron.

Dan Andrews’ former Labor factional rival now independent MP Adem Somyurek has began revealing the inside story into how ‘the mad king’ runs his Cabinet meetings. A private prosecution against Dan Andrews was dismissed today, the online Magistrates’ Court hearing descended into farce when thousands joined the stream to troll.

Further literall cracks have appeared in Sydney’s new tram network with its Inner West tram line taken offline. Melbourne’s Metro Rail Tunnel will be shut during the summer for safety repairs that are a decade overdue. The NSW state budget could be put into the red if its $40 billion Rail Corporation unravails. Victoria’s troubled West Gate tunnel will cost taxpayers’ another $1.9 billion which has contributed to the state budget deficit blowing out to $19.5 billion.

Back in NZ the Auckland Council is wanting to add three Maori seats to its governing body continuing the nation’s history of having dedicated Maori seats. With the Australian federal election due in the first half of 2022 one of the new micro-parties is Drew Pavlou’s Democratic Alliance with anti-CCP influence its central philsophy.

Traffic lights map – NZ Unite Against Covid-19
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Rebel MP reveals ‘arrogant’ Daniel Andrews starts EVERY Cabinet meeting by boasting about his social media ‘reach’ – Daily Mail
‘High speeds, sharp curves’ contribute to cracked trams: Spanish builder – SMH
NSW government finances in turmoil as Auditor-General plays hardball – SMH
New West Gate Tunnel deal to cost Victorian taxpayers another $1.9 billion – ABC News
Victoria’s budget blows out to $19.5b – AAP
Major disruption: City Loop to shut down for long-overdue safety fix – The Age
Auckland Council pursuing three Māori seats, but not until 2025 – NZ Herald
Australian Anti-CCP Political Party Launched – The BFD

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