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The Australian Government has put Booster Juice on the Christmas drinks menu for protection against the extremely mild Omicron variant. The UK Government has reacted moronically to omicron as the nightmares before last Christmas haunt Boris Johnson. That plus the latest US court news on Tim’s News Explosion.

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To distract from the revelations that last Christmas 10 Downing Street hosted parties during lockdown Boris Johnson has announced England will move to his winter Plan B. Johnson is facing other scandals that cocaine use is ‘rife’ in Westminster and the Conservative Party have been fined by the electoral commission for failing to disclose a party donor for Downing Street renovations. Johnson has claimed there will be a tidal wave of Omicron infections, has moved the UK to covid alert level 4, and enlisted the military to administer a million booster doses a day.

The doomsday UK modeling of a million omicron infections by Christmas is not reflected by what is happening on the ground in South African where the Omicron wave began. The doctor who discovered Omicron Dr. Angelique Coetzee told LBC Radio that you can trust us when we say it causes mild diease in most. South Africans are not dropping dead in the street, President Cyril Ramaphosa tested postive but has mild symptoms.

ATAGI has changed its booster intervel recommendation from six to five months. It came out during a parliamentarily committe hearing that ATAGI never recommeded vaccine mandates which state governments have enforced which they claimed were based on health advice. ATAGI has green lit Pfizer vaccines for 5-11 year olds with an 8 week interval which will be rolled out beginning in January. The United States and Canada have already begun vaccinating children.

Liberal staffer Barclay McGain who was recently critised for dressing as Kyle Rittenhouse for Halloween has ended up in hospital with myopericarditis after his second Pfzier vaccine.

In US news Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace will be joining CNN Plus the network’s new streaming service, they still haven’t found a replacement for fired anchor Chris Cuomo. Jussie Smollett was found guilty of staging a race gay hate crime on himself, the prosecution case against Ghislaine Maxwell on child sex trafficing charges has wrapped up and the UK High Court gave the US Government a victory in its continued pursiut of Wikileaks founder Australian Julian Assange approving his extradition to face US espionage charges.

South Africa top doc stresses that Omicron brings ‘mild illness’ – LBC
‘Rife’ cocaine use reported in U.K. Parliament — just as Boris Johnson announces crackdown on drug crime – The Washington Post
Boris Johnson pictured hosting Number 10 Christmas quiz ‘in breach of Covid laws’ – The Mirror
Boris Johnson ‘LIED’ about £113k Downing Street refurb as Tories fined £17k – The Sun

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