TNE 31 Christmas Trials

In the lead-up to Christmas the trials of Jussie Smollett and Ghislaine Maxwell are taking place in the US. The UK has joined the European mainland in subjecting its citizens to winter restrictions as Omicron hysteria continues to spread. That plus the latest from here in Australia on Tim’s News Explosion.

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The UK has now joined the rest of mainland Europe in reintroducing winter covid restrictions as the Johnson Government introduces its winter plan B due to doomsday modeling about the Omicron variant. This is in part a distraction because last Christmas 10 Downing Street held a number of Christmas parties against the rules of the then covid restrictions. Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced that boosters will now be offered to Brits 3 months after their second dose. The last act of outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to expand vaccine papers entry requirements into public venues.

National Socialist Network personality Thomas Sewell was granted bail by a Magistrate after being remand for six months facing armed robbery charges over a confrontation with Antifa followers on their Cathedral Ranges camping trip in May this year.

NSW Police are investigating property damage at the home of Black Lives Matter activist Paddy Gibson. He alleges that three neo-nazi skinheads in Eureka flag shirts turned up to his home on Saturday night demanding he come out. When he didn’t the neo-Nazis allegedly smashed his front door window and then left.

The trial of deceased known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s madame Ghislaine Maxwell is taking place in New York. The court has heard from Epstein and Maxwell child sex trafficking victims and employees. The mainstream media has paid lip service in its reporting of Maxwell’s trial meanwhile the Maxwell Trial Tracker Twitter account was suspended supposedly for malicious spam.

The trial of Jussie Smollett who is accused of staging a fake race and gay hate crime against himself is taking place in Chigaco. Smollet is accused of paying two Nigerian brothers $3,500 USD to pour bleach over him and place a noose around his neck. During the trial, it was revealed that Smollett and one of the Nigerian brothers hung out at a gay bathhouse where they masturbated each other.

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