TTT 92 Political Kills, Thrills, and Spills

New Zealand’s Government has enacted sweeping vaccine segregation laws. In Australia, rebel Government MPs have crossed the floor over vaccine mandates in a thrilling end to the parliamentary year. An NZ National Party spill has ended Judith Collin’s leadership after an attempted political killing of former leader Simon Bridges backfired. Join Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer on Trad Tasman Talk.

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A Nu variant has been discovered in South Africa and Botswana that has 32 mutations which so far is known by its B.1.1.529 linage. The Australian Government has begun pushing booster vaccines with a letter to go out to all Australians to remind them to get their booster at six months.

NSW is planning to proceed with its mask and QR code rollback on December 15 as well as end discrimination against the unvaccinated. South Australia has been the first covid zero state to open with testing requirements, Queensland had a farcical dispute with the federal government over PCR test funding. New Zealand will open to international travel in the new year with the condition that all those arriving in the country home quarantine for 7 days.

The Ardern Government rushed through its vaccine passport legislation with no review on the human rights consideration. Due to this haste, the legislation forbids businesses from displaying that vaccination is required on their premises. The National Party Opposition is leaderless after a spill motion against Judith Collins was successful. The trigger for the spill was Collins’ attempt to discipline former leader Simon Bridges for a remark he made 5 years ago which backfired spectacularly.

Despite the Morrison Government watering down their proposed Religious Discrimination Act to remove most of the promised protections for religious people, it has still seen the LGBT lobby group Equality Australia release an ad against the proposed Act featuring Olympian Ian Thorpe. Five Government Senators crossed the floor to support One Nation’s no mandatory vaccine passports bill.

Defence Minister Petter Dutton gave a blunt assessment of the growing threat to regional stability Communist China poses and the need for Australia to build its own defences. Dutton also had a defamation win against a refugee activist who defamed him on Twitter and did not apologize. A Federal Court Judge awarded Dutton $25,000 in damages.

2022 sees both a federal election and a Victorian state election due. Pro-freedom anti-lockdown parties are on the rise, a new centrist pro-business party the Victorians Party will contest the state election due in November 2022. Four MPs in Dan Andrews Government have announced their retirement, they are still trying to convince another Upper House crossbencher to vote for their Pandemic Management Bill. At the federal level, the voices fake independents have unveiled a former ABC journalist to run against Modern Liberal MP Tim Wilson.

COVID-19 booster vaccine advice – Australian Health Department
Businesses banned from displaying vaccination status: The ‘unintended consequence’ of the Government’s rammed through traffic light law – Newshub
Collins speaks to Hosking for first time since losing leadership – Newstalk ZB
Former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel to run as an independent against Liberal MP Tim Wilson in Victoria – The Guardian
Ian Thorpe fronts campaign opposing the Religious Discrimination Bill as 250 organisations sign open letter – Equality Australia
76% of Victorians (76%) agree that an employed worker in Victoria is not allowed to enter their employer’s workplace unless fully vaccinated – Roy Morgan
Daniel Andrews’ government in disarray as FOURTH MP calls it quits in 48 hours – Daily Mail
‘Stump up’, key MP urges as crossbench enters all-in meeting – The Age
New political party emerges in Victoria amid growing distrust in government – Sky News Australia
Australia intends to build military capacity in response to China-Taiwan tensions: Peter Dutton – 7News
Australia’s Defense Minister Wins $25,000 In Damages Over Defamatory Tweet – Forbes

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