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As a new wave of panic emerges from the media and some political leaders as they track and trace the new Omicron variant the Australian Government has revealed its plans to begin troll tracing to unmask online anonymous accounts. Plenty to blast through on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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The alarm and hysteria has begun over the Omnicron variant which has immediately been classified by the World Health Organisation as a variant of concern. WHO didn’t name the variant Xi to not offend the Chinese Communist President. Western Governments including Australia have slapped travel bans on Southern African nations. Dr Anthony Fauci said the US should prepare for the worst. Governor of New York Kathy Hochul has already declared a state of emergency over Omicron.

All of this panic is despite the discoverer of Omicron Dr Angelique Coetzee Chair of the South African Medical Association stating its symptoms are ‘completely mild’. Pfizer has claimed they can tweak and distribute a new mRNA vaccine to protect against Omicron in three months, Novavax has claimed they can tweak their vaccine in three weeks.

Some believe the announcement of the Omicron variant of concern is too concidental as it has taken away media and public attention from the upcoming trial of Ghislane Maxwell deceased known pedophile Jeffrey Epstien’s madame.

The Victoria Health Department in its daily media release has mentioned that people who attended the various freedom protests in November have tested positive for covid. Given that hundreds of thousands of Victorians have attended these outdoor rallies and they could only find two dozen positive cases from people who attended it was hardly a superspreader event. A Thornbury cafe owner found his shop windows smashed with a death threat pinned on the front angry at the business for enforcing the Victorian Government’s vaccine passport system.

The Morrison Government plans to draft and introduce legislation to force social media companies to unmask anonymous accounts that troll and defame others. If this became law it would spell the end for many far-left social media accounts who for years have doxxed and defamed people who hold right right of centre views.

A fake news story was posted claiming that Dan Andrews called the unvaccinated the N-word and believed they should drink from separate water fountains. Dan and Albo posted a photo of themselves in front of a barbeque but it didn’t look like it was on and the meat looked pan fried.

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