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Since it’s been raining news this week as we approach a La Niña summer a special midweek edition of Tim’s News Explosion will take the temperature of our nation.

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After the record-breaking Melbourne Freedom Rally crowd on Saturday, another rally is taking place in the Melbourne CBD as part of the nationwide Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations and Passport. The anti-freedom protests organized by the Socialist Alternative front group the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism are not returning to the streets until Saturday 4th December. Their campaign to smear freedom protesters as a far-right racist fascist movement has been quite pathetic, to gain some traction they shared a photo of Neil Erikson videobombing one of Real Rukshan’s livestreams. They have also despaired at the fact that their previous hero EggBoy Will Connolly is a regular attendee at freedom rallies.

Three of Victoria’s healthcare unions released a statement supporting Dan Andrews’ Pandemic Management Bill as they still believe restrictions on freedom are good for the healthcare system. Victoria Police have confirmed they’ve found no evidence that Andy Meddick’s daughter had a spray can thrown at her for political reasons.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s covid response and vaccine mandate has gone viral all around the world and further damaged Australia’s international reputation. At the beginning of the week Gunner during an unhinged rant claimed anyone who doesn’t support mandating vaccines is an anti-vaxxer. In response to covid outbreaks in remote Aboriginal communities, Gunner stated the ADF would be moving positive cases and close contacts to the Howard Springs quarantine camp, After this made international news Gunner went on another rant against ‘tin foil hat wearing tossers’.

WA Premier Mark McGowan has faced increasing protests against his vaccine mandates for the state’s workforce. He has also smeared protestors against him as extremists who are causing increased threats against him, his family, and staff. Two young men were charged with leaving beheading threats on McGowan’s phone. McGowan’s continued cruel hard border policy saw a teenager receive a $5000 fine and lifetime driving ban as he drove through a WA border checkpoint in a desperate effect to see his dying mother after being knocked back for a travel exemption five times.

Police don’t believe attack on Victoria MP Andy Meddick’s daughter was politically linked – Sky News Australia
Gunner under fire for ‘anti-vaxxers’ rant as remote indigenous communities express hesitancy – Rebel News
Australian Army called in to transfer indigenous COVID contacts to quarantine camps – Rebel News
NT Indigenous leader hoses down public fears as elders appeal for urgent help – Rebel News
Two men charged after allegedly making threats to behead WA Premier Mark McGowan – 7 News
Teen COVID breacher fined for speeding through WA checkpoint to see terminally ill mum – WA Today
Unions back Vic bill ahead of negotiations – 7 News

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