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As inflation becomes the new wicked virus to sweep the world the hate campaign continues against those who want the lockdowns, mandates, and discrimination to end that were brought in due to Wuhan virus. Tim and Dieuwe discuss the situation in their respective nations on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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Jacinda Ardern’s traffic light covid protection framework will be implemented by the end of November with Auckland going to its lockdown to the most restrictive red light. After much delay, the Ardern Government has launched its digital vaccine passport called my covid record which New Zealand’s in orange and red zones will need to show to enter businesses. New Zealand’s most prominent anti-lockdown campaigner Bishop Brian Tamaki has been confirmed as a political prisoner as his first arrest was live texted to Police Minister Poto Williams.

Gathering limits and density quotas have been abolished in Victoria today, the day after Premier Dan Andrews failed to get his Pandemic Management Bill through the Upper House after his old factional adversary former Labor MLC Adem Somyurek returned to the Parliament to vote it down.

Dan and his supporters have been smearing kill the bill activists all week as extremists because of a car that pulled up on Spring Street with a gallows and a report that a man had been arrested over threats of violence against the Premier. Late this afternoon a supporter of the permanent pandemic laws Animal Justice MLC Andy Meddick claimed his daughter was attacked for political reasons. This claim was debunked by Victoria Police who revealed it was Kielan Meddick’s public vandalism that led to a confrontation.

Journalists in New Zealand are also claiming anti-lockdown anti-mandate protestors are capable of domestic terrorism. A University of Auckland academic has resigned after claiming the Christchurch attack was a false flag.

While the attention was on Victoria’s proposed pandemic laws NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard tried to push through an extension to the state’s emergency powers until March 2023, but it’s been put on the backburner by Premier Domonic Perrottet over the summer.

The Morrison Government has revived its Religious Discrimination Bill for the final sitting fortnight of Parliament for 2021. They have scrapped the ‘Folau’ clause which would have protected employees’ right to express their religious views outside of work. It will still allow religious schools to employ staff and enroll students who believe in their religious ethos.

The global inflation surge has not impacted Australia’s CPI according to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Phillip Lowe. In an address this week Lowe stated the RBA doesn’t plan to raise interest rates from their record low level of 0.1% until 2024. Inflation is affecting New Zealand’s CPI much quicker so the RBNZ has indicated it will raise the nation’s interest rates much quicker.

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