TNE28 A White Pilling Weekend

It was a weekend of white pilling with justice prevailing in the United States with Kyle Rittenhouse found by a jury to have acted self-defence in killing two Antifa criminals in Kenosha last year. Back in Australia on Saturday hundreds of thousands of citizens around Australia marched as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom against lockdowns and mandates. Myself, Margo Huss and Andy Nolch reflect on this new hope for humanity on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Melbourne’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom on Saturday was the city’s largest political demonstration ever, bigger than even any communist demonstration. 250,000-500,000 Victorians marched from Parliament House to Flagstaff Gardens. The crowd was so large that none of us could get close enough to hear the scheduled speakers. Andy Nolch conducted several livestreams throughout the day on the Unshackled’s social media.

Margo briefly filmed the small anti-freedom pro-mandates and pro-lockdown protest organised by the Socialist Alternative’s Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF). There already is a positive covid case linked to this rally, despite all attendees being double vaxxed and masked. Despite being billed as an anti-racist rally they viciously pushed out Avi Yemini and the Real Rukshan who were attempting to cover the rally.

The Justice system in the United States is not dead yet after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder when he shot three Antifa criminals killing two and injuring one when he was defending his local town of Kenosha, Wisconsin during a BLM/Antifa riot in August last year. Kyle gave an exclusive interview to Fox News host Tucker Carlson stating that his case had nothing to do with race (he shot three white Antifa members but was slandered as a white supremacist by President Biden and the US media). A black career criminal Darrell E. Brooks has driven a car through a Christmas parade in Waukehsa, Wisconsin killing 4 and injuring 40 in a suspected Rittenhouse verdict revenge attack.

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