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With booster jabs being pushed on the people of the world there has been a boost of people power against continuing pandemic powers and restrictions. I look at the world being at another important crossroads on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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On Saturday afternoon Melbourne saw another record-breaking turnout for a non-communist protest. The latest kill the bill rally against Dan Andrews’ permanent pandemic laws saw 50,000 attended. More have felt comfortable in attending such rallies over the past three weeks with Victoria Police now allowing peaceful protests. The Saturday Age featured an investigative spread on the rising Victorian Police state with the growth in police and prison funding outstripping health and education services.

AFL player Liam Jones has decided to retire from the game rather than submit to the AFL and Victorian vaccination mandate forgoing a $500,000 annual salary. AFLW player Deni Varnhagen who is also a registered nurse has given up two careers for not being vaccinated, she has praised Jones.

In the Northern Hemisphere where winter is approaching Central European nations are reintroducing restrictions despite high vaccination rates: Austria has announced a lockdown for the unvaccinated and the Netherlands has announced a partial lockdown for both the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated. With Israel flattening its curve again with third booster doses it is highly likely boosters will be mandated in Australia. The UK Johnson Government has resisted a media campaign to reintroduce restrictions instead focusing on its booster rollout. Leaked to the Daily Mail UK is a plan by the Johnson Government to completely dismantle its covid tracing and isolation protocols called Operation Rampdown.

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has taken place in Wisconsin which has been disastrous for the state prosection as all the evidence shows that Kyle shot and killed two Antifa criminals including known pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum in self defense. The trial Judge Bruce Schroeder eviscerated the state prosecutors for trying to bring into the trial Kyle doing the okay sign with some Proud Boys with a shirt that said ‘free as fuck’.

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Operation Rampdown: Leaked official Covid ‘exit plan’ to dismantle key measures by early next year – Daily Mail UK
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