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There is an Electic Atmosphere in the Tasman nations on multiple fronts. Protests against mandates and restrictions continue to take place in Auckland and Victoria. In early election campaigning, Scott Morrison is revving up electric vehicles to fight CO2 emissions. Tim and Stephen discuss on Trad Tasman Talk.

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New Zealand’s capital Wellington saw one of its biggest protests in recent years against Jacinda Ardern’s continued lockdown of the North Island and vaccine mandates. New daily cases are continuing to rise but despite still the low hospitalization numbers in New Zealand, the Nurses’ Organisation is claiming the health system is almost overwhelmed.

Queensland announced its vaccinated economy for when the state reopens its borders, they call it a reward for those who’ve got vaccinated. Western Australia is not opening its borders until 2022, but despite that the state still wants to host an Ashes Cricket test this summer, part of the proposed CovidSafe plan is replacing the cricket ball if it gets hit into the crowd. Former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr tweeted that Australia should emulate Singapore and deny healthcare to the unvaccinated.

Protests have continued every weekend in Melbourne against Dan Andrews’ proposed permanent Pandemic Legislation, 20,000 gathered on Saturday outside Victoria’s Parliament House for the latest Kill the Bill rally. 60 Victorian QCs have now signed a letter expressing grave concerns over the powers in the bill joining the Victorian Bar Association and the Law Institute of Victoria.

Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating said this week it was not in Australia’s interest to defend Taiwan as China is too powerful. Keating has become an apologist for Communist China and is on the International Advisory Board of the China Development Bank which is a state-owned bank. As an aside Keating’s daughter Katherine met up with Jeffrey Espiten and Prince Andrew in New York over a decade ago.

Scott Morrison was engaged in early federal election campaigning in Melbourne this week. He released the Coalition’s Fuels Future policy to support the electric vehicle industry as part of his government’s embrace of net zero emissions by 2050. Inflation is rising in Australia and New Zealand after each nation’s respective Reserve Bank has printed money to support locked-down economies over the past 20 months. Unemployment has risen after the lockdowns have ended in Australia to 5.2% as more people look to rejoin the workforce. Bureaucrats in NSW have suggested the nation needs a surge of 2 million migrants to support new job demand.

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