TNE26 What’s Next?

With Australia slowly emerging from its hermit kingdom what’s next? What are our politicians now promoting? What is the mainstream media covering? What are the so-called experts predicting? I look at that on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Melbourne saw its largest ever non-communist protest with over 20,000 gathering outside Victoria’s Parliament House as part of the Kill the Bill rally against Dan Andrews’s permanent pandemic laws. There were other large Reclaim the Line rallies around Australia including in Western Sydney and on the NSW-Queensland border.

Despite case numbers going down in Victoria and NSW since each state’s respective reopening, there are still plenty of covid zero cultists. Communist China still has an extreme covid zero policy as its latest outbreak has seen residents imprisoned in their homes and children forced tested. Local Australian communists the Socialist Alternative have created another front group to advocate for covid zero called Health before Profits.

Western Australia and New Zealand remain covid zero jurisdictions until they reached a 90% vaccination rate. Mark McGowan said at his press conference announcing his reopening plan apart from holding people down and forcing them to be vaccinated there’s not much more that can be done to raise vaccination rates.

CNN hosted a Town Hall with the Sesame Street muppets to promote children 5 to 11 getting the Pfizer vaccine which has just been approved by the USFDA. Big Bird who said he got the covid vaccine has been promoting child vaccination since 1972. Recently Kermit the Frog promoted action on climate change in the lead up to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

Kill The Bill Rally 6:11:21 Melbourne – TU

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