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With no Australians now under a lockdown and international travel resuming, our political leaders have moved into their next gear to continue their power grab. I expose what laws they are trying to sneak through on Tim’s News Explosion.

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On Friday morning just before Victoria was due for a substantial easing of restrictions a great storm ripped through the state with trees falling over everywhere and thousands left without power. Then on Saturday evening residents of Power Street in Hawthorn were startled by a large bang. It wasn’t another storm or Earthquake but Liberal Member for Kew Tim Smith crashing his car into a house fence. Smith blew 0.131 BAC and resigned from the Shadow Cabinet with some Liberals wanting him to retire from politics.

Upper House Liberal MLC Bernie Finn triggered Victoria’s biggest snowflake Dvir Abramovich by publishing a photo on his Facebook page which has since been deleted of Dan Andrews as Hitler with the ABC logo in place of the swastika. It was a busy weekend of rage for Dvir as he also took offence at a lone protestor in Melbourne dressed as a Nazi concentration camp prisoner holding a sign saying history repeats. According to Dvir there are no historical parallels to what has happened in Victoria in the name of pandemic management and how the Nazi regime began in Germany.

Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick has been using his Facebook presence to tell the stories of Australians who’ve suffered adverse events after being coerced into taking the covid vaccine to keep their jobs. Rennick today told Scott Morrison he would be withholding his vote in the Senate from the Government until the vaccine mandates end and all domestic covid restrictions end.

Australia’s TGA and ATAGI have approved Pfizer boosters doses for the general population, Pfizer has applied for its vaccine to be administered to 5-11-year-olds and Novavax has submitted its application to the TGA for approval, the Federal Government has already agreed to purchase 51 million doses of Novavax. The major supermarkets this week began selling rapid antigen covid tests to the public but they are not cheap.

Much of the Victorian public and media focused on the dangers Dan Andrews proposed permanent pandemic powers which there was a peaceful protest against outside Victoria’s Parliament House on Saturday. But also before the Victorian Parliament is the Terrorism (Community Protection) Amendment Bill 2021 where a court is empowered to issue control orders against someone who is deemed to be a radical extremist. ASIO Director Mike Burgess told a Senate Inquiry the agency is focusing on so-called potential single issue violent extremists such as anti-lockdown protestors.

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