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As well as expanding the reach of existing laws, governments in Australia and New Zealand are still busy passing more laws to expand their power during these times of crises and high drama. Tim and Stephen discuss on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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An Australian political bombshell occurred today with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigning. This was over ICAC confirming it would investigate a community grant she secured for the electorate of her disgraced secret ex-boyfriend Daryl McGuire. While her critics on the hard left and hard right celebrated her demise the Gladystans were in tears outside her electorate office laying flowers and comparing her resignation to the JFK assassination.

Down in Victoria despite Melbourne to become the world’s most locked down city cases are soaring to record numbers in the thousands. Dan Andrews of course blamed residents for breaking the rules on Grand Final weekend. To increase vaccine rates even further he has now mandated the vaccine for all authorized workers. Jacinda Ardern cannot seem to crush the Delta wave in Auckland which keeps spiking when cases get low.

With the police state lockdowns in Victoria during the pandemic the state’s overall crime rate has decreased but domestic violence has increased with victims locked at home with abusers. Melbourne amazingly has been ranked the 8th safest city in the world. Australia wide suicides for the past year were slightly down despite rises in self harm presentations but alcohol related deaths increased.

New Zealand’s Parliament is attempting to pass self ID gender laws which would allow transgender, non-binary people to change their gender to whatever they want. In Victoria the state Liberal Opposition has given ‘iron-clad guarantee’ that it will not amend the recently passed state law banning ‘gay conversion therapy’.

New Zealand’s famous Police Ten 7 factual reality show has been accused of racial stereotyping even though the demographics of offenders featured is an accurate representation of the nation’s overall demographic breakdown of offenders. New Zealand’s Parliament has amended anti-terror laws post the Countdown stabbing terrorist attack to close what they called a loophole which now makes the planning of a terrorist act illegal.

In cancel culture news television presenter Jessica Rowe has removed an episode of a girl talk style podcast she has created with Pauline Hanson after a twitter backlash. In nanny state news Australians who vape as a tobacco substitute can only legally obtain the product through a doctor’s prescription.

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