TNE 19 Deconstruction and Disinformation

Two days after the Melbourne construction industry was shut down for two weeks an earthquake led to the deconstruction of some local buildings In response to being thrown out of work until they take the jab construction workers have raged through Melbourne. I look at Melbourne’s extraordinary week on this special Tim’s News Explosion.

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After construction workers protested outside the CFMEU office in Melbourne on Monday angry about their leader John Setka’s lack of push back against mandatory vaccinations the Andrews government decided to shut the construction industry for two weeks. The next day a construction worker took his own life while collecting his tools and a day of rage by thousands of construction workers took place in the CBD and moved all the way to the Westgate Bridge.

On Wednesday Victoria Police cornered that day’s protest to the Shrine of Remembrance where after a standoff they dispersed the protestors with tear gas and rubber/bean bag bullets. Today there were hardly any live streams from the CBD after police tried to block news helicopters showing live ariel footage. Numerous instances of Victoria Police brutality were captured on phone cameras. The police have repeatedly said they are only following orders and they don’t get to pick and choose which laws they enforce.

Labor MPs and union officials have failed to prove their conspiracy theory that far-right neo-nazi anti-vaxxers were pretending to be union members and construction workers. John Setka the Victorian Secretary of the CFMEU has now stated he has identified members of his union at the protests and will get them sacked from their construction jobs.

Monica Smit founder and leader of Reignite Democracy Australia is now free after having the more onerous aspects of her proposed bail overturned by the Victorian Supreme Court. Monica was charged with incitement at the beginning of the month with Victoria Police alleging she incited her members and followers to attend anti-lockdown protests.

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