TNE 16 Damming Pricks

The covid zero cultists were in tears last week as their dear leader Dan abandoned their dream of eliminating the virus. With leaders now setting vaccine targets for reopening they have turned their attention to damming those who won’t take the prick. That and more on tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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While Victorian Dan Andrews has joined NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in aiming for Doherty Institute modeling reopening targets of 70-80% of the eligible population are double vaccinated, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and WA Premier Mark McGowan are still vowing to keep their borders closed to protect their covid zero Oasis. Families were divided on the barricaded NSW-Queensland border for Father’s Day. Dan is now talking at his press conferences about lockouts of the unvaccinated rather than blanket lockdowns.

The namesake of Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity Professor Peter Doherty a former Nobel Prize laureate and Australian of the Year has begun abusing those on his Twitter who still don’t wish to be vaccinated. He shared an expletive-ridden article from a website called McSweeney’s which attempts to convince people to take the vaccine through name-calling and saying fuck in nearly every sentence.

Australia’s continued police state lockdowns and expanding quarantine camp network are making us an international laughing stock and horror show. A resident of the Howard Springs camp in the Northern Territory vlogged about waiting to be fed like dogs waiting by their bowl. A teenager in a Melbourne Hotel Quarantine facility was sentenced to three months in jail after trashing his hotel room when he learned he wasn’t going to be released for another 12 hours.

The truckers’ blockade that was rumored to occur last Tuesday 31 August did not eventuate with a small protest occurring in South East Queensland the day before. Rumors are circulating online that the truckers’ blockade is occurring and is being covered up by the mainstream media. There is footage of trucks backed up on highways and produce shelves empty in Sydney supermarkets. But the more plausible explanation is that trucks are backed up due to border checkpoints and supermarket supply chains in Sydney have been disrupted due to staff having to self isolate due to being close contacts of cases.

In international news, the NZ Countdown ISIS stabber terrorist who was shot dead last Friday after stabbing seven people at random has been named and shamed 32-year-old Sri Lankan national Ahamed Adil Mohamed Samsudee. Despite all the crises going on in the Biden Administration, his Federal Trade Commission is launching an investigation into broken McDonald’s Ice Cream machines.

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