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With Australia’s bipartisan National Cabinet agreeing to continue the pandemic strategy of rolling lockdowns until enough Australia’s get jabbed many minor political parties and activist groups are now making power plays for disaffected Australians. All that tonight on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Despite the hard lockdowns in NSW, Victoria, the ACT, and New Zealand daily covid case numbers have continued to rise. The National Cabinet plan states that lockdowns become less likely when 70-80% of the eligible population is double vaccinated. NSW is laying the groundwork for a soft launch of vaccine passports with fully vaccinated residents from September 13 allowed to gather in groups of five in public for a picnic. Health authorities are already talking about booster shots, in Israel, their vaccine green pass will now require a third vaccine dose.

Many minor parties are beginning to campaign against vaccine passports and rolling lockdowns. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation supported a short truckers protest on the South East Queensland M1, they do not support a full truckers blockade which is rumored to be happening Tuesday. Former Liberal MP Craig Kelly has joined Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party which is advertising its anti-lockdown messages in the major papers and through mass text messages. The Liberal Democrats have recruited former LNP Premier Campbell Newman and Liberal reform activist John Ruddick.

The Australian Christian Lobby has launched a campaign urging our leaders to restore freedoms and not introduce vaccine passports. They have also promoted Ezekiel Declaration which has been signed by over 1500 Christian leaders in Australia stating that the current covid coercion is unchristian and can’t go on.

With the nation and its media fixated on covid the Federal Parliament passed the Surveillance Legislation Amendment Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 which gives law enforcement authorities the power to disrupt a person’s online data by modifying, adding, copying or deleting in order to frustrate the commission of serious offences online and to take control of a person’s online account for the purposes of gathering evidence to further a criminal investigation. This type of power is ripe for abuse and could even lead to evidence being planted against someone online.

New Bill Gives Police Powers to Pose As You Online and Modify Your Data – Caldron Pool
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