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The Tasman nations are now the lands of laughs for the rest of the world as Australia starts construction on quarantine camps and New Zealand rushes to hunt down cases and herd them into isolation facilities before ending its nationwide lockdown. Join Tim and Dieuwe on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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At present Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and New Zealand are in hard lockdown due to delta variant outbreaks. Christian news satire website the Babylon Bee has made the comparison of Australia’s current covid lockdown tyranny with life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. The Bee also shared a local 9News report that has gone viral around the world which featured the hunt for a covid positive fugitive and authorities checking the papers of construction workers.

With the current trans-Tasman Delta outbreaks continuing to grow despite their hard lockdowns the focus is turning to governments vaccinating their way to reopening. However modest freedoms will only be available for those who are fully vaccinated with NSW already planning to integrate vaccine passports/certificates into their QR check-in apps. Many businesses are already stating once they reopen they will only be permitted vaccinated people on their premises. Side effects from the Pfizer vaccine continuing to occur with two Australian journalists hospitalised due to heart inflammation.

Queensland announced they would be building their own quarantine camp which will be a part of Australia’s network of ‘National Centres for Resillance’. The South Australian Government announced that those undergoing home quarantine will have to put signs on their front door that state as such. The Wellington City Council has been appaled at anti-vaxx graffiti in the city which the Mayor claims are just as bad as racism.

While governments, law enforcement and the mainstream media are now targeting anti-vaxx and anti-lockdown activists they still have time to focus on the so-called ‘far-right’ threat. 60 Minutes Australia just aired a two-part expose on the National Socialist Network using hidden camera footage of an infiltrator. NZ Project Co-Host Patrick Gower has produced a documentary of racism as ‘an apology’ for his terrible mistake of interviewing Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux a year before the Christchurch massacre.

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