The Brawler and The Brain Ep. 12 The War on Proud Australians

The Brawler and the Brain with Jarrad Searby and Tim Wilms is finally back, including on YouTube on the new weeknight slot of Wednesdays. The War on Proud Australians has resumed with state authorities and socialist activists using their resources to target and persecute patriot activists wanting to stand up for and preserve traditional Australia.

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Socialist Antifa supporters Slackbastard and Tom Tanuki have resumed their online stalking of nationalists including with so-called ‘investigative’ articles. The pair have a love-hate relationship while Tanuki for the rest of his life will suffer the same of not defending his then-girlfriend when Bluebeard attacked her.

Patriot activist Neil Erikson was sentenced to 1-month in prison by Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg who found him guilty of disturbing religious worship when he yelled ‘Mohammed was a false prophet’ at federation Square during Islamic prayers in April 2019. Neil was granted bail on appeal but on the condition he doesn’t post to social media.

In the federal budget this week ASIO got more funding to fight so called right-wing extremism. This means the persecution of patriots will continue but it will occur with more diverse law enforcement officers with 30% of AFP officers being female by 2028.

Neil Erikson Detained After Interrupting Friday Prayers – TU
Neil Erikson gets prison for calling mohammed a false prophet – XYZ
Asio to get $1.3bn over 10 years as federal budget puts $1.9bn price tag on national security – The Guardian



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