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While Australia’s defence leaders have warned of the drums of war beating its five eyes partner New Zealand has developed a wandering eye. Elsewhere the discussion about the impact of so-called extreme views has resurfaced this week. Join Trad Tasman Talk with Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer for their analysis.

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Australia’s Joint Parliamentary Committee on Security and Intelligence conducted two days of hearings for its ongoing extremism inquiry. Labor Senator Kristina Kennelley has floated the idea of having a second-tier extremism list for groups who aren’t violent but go against “Australian values”. In New Zealand, its SIS has been focusing on trying to find more “white supremacist” threats.

A disgusting incident of anti-white racism occurred at Parkdale Secondary College in Melbourne where Kingston City Council Youth worker Kate Hamilton made year 11 boys stand up if they were white and Christian to label them oppressors. Scott Morrison was attacked for his Christianity after a video was leaked of him speaking to a pentecostal gathering on the Gold Coast.

NZSIS counterterror focus on white supremacists found new targets quickly – NZ Herald
Why Australia Needs a Movement Against Critical Race Theory – TU


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